Local pastors learning from mega-churches – Catholic Free Press

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Catholic Free Press
Local pastors learning from mega-churches
Catholic Free Press
These churches, known as mega-churches, located mostly in the South, apparently have some welcoming techniques that Catholics can learn from.

BillHeiden‘s insight:

Rebuilt is a well written explanation of one Catholic Parish’s revitalization.  They are steadfast in there Catholic identity, but unabashed in their acknowledgement of looking at successful protestant churches for insight.  If more of the Catholic Church can learn and innovate, while maintaining the Eucharist centered faithfulness, evangelization will soar.

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Weekly Chestnut Hill supper offers community respite from daily challenges – Newsworks.org

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Weekly Chestnut Hill supper offers community respite from daily challenges Newsworks.org The event, which celebrated its two-year anniversary in late February, offers both church members and non-members alike a chance at some healthy, home-cooked…

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This an episcopal church that is doing something very right. Catholic parishes looking to operate strategically, shouldn’t limit themselves to Catholic organizations for ideas; or even Christian organizations; or even religious groups. Perhaps the most interesting element of the article from a strategic point of view, is the references to a fallen away Catholic and an Atheist. Fundamentally, if you want to evangelize, you must meet people where they are.

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Pope names top economists, finance experts to … – Catholic News

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This entry was posted by Catholic Faith on March 8, 2014 at 9:50 pm. Pope names top economists, finance experts to Vatican body. The creation of the 15-member council is a major step in bringing lay people into the Vatican, and reflects a …

BillHeiden‘s insight:

This is an excellent precedent to be set by the Pope.  It recognizes the talents that laity have to offer in leadership of the church.

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The Business Of Faith

I have been trained in management, marketing, and finance and have applied that training in a wide variety of forums and formats. Over the years I have developed a passion for applying these areas of expertise to the practice of faith.

I believe strongly that our faith should be foundational to all our actions. I also believe that as individuals and as a community of faith we will be strengthened by considering this aforementioned foundation strategically. As individuals, doing so will help us develop our decision-making as mature practitioners of our faith. As a community, such consideration will enable us to build disciples and evangelize effectively.

Neither of these beliefs conflicts with the intensely spiritual nature of faith, in fact I am quite sure that such consideration will build our confidence to live our faith and even articulate it to others.

I have given many talks on the subject of a faithful approach to material world…. here’s a link to one: